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Flexo Ruling/Exercise Book Production Line

Flexo Ruling/Exercise Book Production Line

Product Description

    Flexo Ruling/Exercise Book Production Line is newest design machine for the high-speed exercise book product. The exercise book production line use the combination of modular design included some patents. It can complete the whole process from paper roll via flexo printing, rotary cutting, counting and collecting, binding and trimming as well until the exercise book product exit. The customer can select different combination of modular following the exercise book process requirement so that fulfill the customers for the various exercise book product in great extent.
      Main Features:
1.  A high-speed multi-color flexo-printing unit with printing plate roller separation structure will extend the life of flexo plate.
2.  Rotary shear type of cutting structure makes the machine run low noise.
3.  The special structure of counting and collecting meets the requirements of high-speed running.
4.  Clamping and lateral transferring ensure the book consistency.
5.  A servo control of stitching eliminates the future maintenance cost.
6.  Features folding and pressing makes the book more beautiful.
7.  Stacked book output structure reduces labor intensity.
8.  Network communication technology satisfies the high-speed operation control.
Depending on the requirements of exercise book product, the machine can achieve a flexible configuration and can also be customized for the production equipment according to the special requirements.
1.  Other type of unwinder
2.  Printing tower with 3+3 color
3.  Micro perforation device
4.  Multi-feeders
5.  High pile delivery


  Main Specifications

Max. Paper Roll Width1020 (mm)
Mini. Paper Roll Width600 (mm)
Max. Paper Roll Diameter1350 (mm)
Max. Printing Speed 400 (m/min)
Printing perimeter360-780mm(级差5mm)
Max. Rotary Cutting Length780 (mm)
Mini. Rotary Cutting Length300(mm)
Paper Layering speed70 (times/min)
Each Layer sheets quantity6-50 (sheets)
Feeder Max. Cover Size780x1020 mm
Feeder Mini. Cover Size300x600 mm
Feeder Cover Thickness80g/m³~0.6mm
Power/ Main Motor3~380VAC/50Hz,22 kw